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Music Marketing

and Promotion

We help get your music heard.

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Take advantage of these discounts provided by artists in our community.

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Our mission is to find great music and try to help you get discovered or at minimum heard.

We come from a digital marketing background and can help you steer your music career the right way when it comes to building your brand.


We are a group of artists too so we know how difficult it can be to get discovered in today's world.

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About Us


Indie Pop Tones.jpg

Energetic and upbeat, indie pop, alt pop, and new pop tunes. Usually these songs are higher tempo and more on the happy/major key side.

Pop Hits.jpg

Chill, soft, and smooth songs. We're looking for tight pop productions with even dynamics that leave the listener feeling chill and relaxed.

Singer Songwriter Coffee Break.jpg

Songs that have slim productions which are not overbearing. These songs are meant to ease the listener into their day and provide warm background music.

Alt Pop Vibes.jpg

Songs that put you in a good mood. Primarily songs in the major keep with playful productions and positive or optimistic lyrics and energy.

Smaller productions with more organic elements. Think singer songwriter. These songs have soft dynamics and are great additions while working or doing chores.

Folk Favs.jpg
Indie Folk Feels.jpg

We're open to a variety of songs here. Big or small productions. For this playlist it's all about the mood. The songs need to strike deep. We'll test them in the car.

Pop Folk Favourites.jpg

Pop style productions that still have organic elements that draw it back into the folk work. Think guitars and pianos with 808s. We're open to a wide variety here.

Relaxing Instrumental Music.jpg

No lyrics. Straight instrumental productions. More on the simple side. For instance, only piano or guitar with a few simple elements. No big orchestral elements.


Free Music Submission

Remember to take advantage of our discounts. Click here.

Submit Music


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"My song Two of Us got placed on two Neon Collective playlists and I've been getting a good amount of daily growth from both of them!"

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"I'm super happy with the plays coming from my Neon Collective playlist placements and their team is extremely responsive and supportive!"


"Neon Collective have been fantastic to work with, their playlists have plenty of engagement and they are super easy to communicate with"



  • How long until I hear about my playlist submission?
    We will reply to everyone who does not spam us. This still usually takes about a week to get through all of the playlist submissions. However, if you just spam us a link without any context to your music or project you can expect not to get a reply from us.
  • Am I guranteed to get on your Spotify playlists?
    We would love to gurantee you a placement on our Spotify playlists but the fact is that's not possible. We get too many playlist submissions and therefore we must get picky on who we curate.
  • Can I still submit music even if my genre is missing?
    Yes, you can. We're not stopping you. We love to listen to all styles and genres of music. You never know, maybe we'll start a whole new playlist around your song.
  • Where do I go if I have any other questions?
    You can always email us and we'll get back to your support question as fast as we can.
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What We Like In a Submission

It's not possible to work with everyone but here are some things you can do in your submission to stand out.

Give us context about your release. Is it your first release? Your fifth? What are your plans for promoting the release? Are you independent or are you with a label?

Send us your socials and your website.

We want to see artists are engaged and taking their careers seriously.


A lot of the artists we work with are new and yet to be discovered. Consider listening or following our playlists to support them and discover new music.

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