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Our mission is to find great music and try to help you get discovered or at minimum heard.

We come from a digital marketing background and can help you steer your music career the right way when it comes to building your brand.


Whether that's a blog post, an instagram share, a Spotify playlist, or a full on PR or marketing campaign. We can help. 

We've been through the gauntlet of music promotion and Neon Collective is the amalgamation of these years. We're here to share our lessons learned. Our music marketing blog is a great free resource to start browsing.

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We pride ourselves with a strong background and depth in digital marketing​ which we've been able to translate into the music industry by helping artists grow their fanbase and their audiences.

We offer a mixture of services and it will depend on the artists goals and objectives. We strongly believe the artist should have a detailed vision of where they want to be.

Our mix of services include:

Online PR

Social Media

Spotify Playlists

Digital Marketing Audits

Custom Packages

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Energetic and upbeat, indie pop, alt pop, and new pop tunes. Usually these songs are higher tempo and more on the happy/major key side.

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Chill, soft, and smooth songs. We're looking for tight pop productions with even dynamics that leave the listener feeling chill and relaxed.

Singer Songwriter Coffee Break.jpg

Songs that have slim productions which are not overbearing. These songs are meant to ease the listener into their day and provide warm background music.

Alt Pop Vibes.jpg

Songs that put you in a good mood. Primarily songs in the major keep with playful productions and positive or optimistic lyrics and energy.

Smaller productions with more organic elements. Think singer songwriter. These songs have soft dynamics and are great additions while working or doing chores.

Folk Favs.jpg
Indie Folk Feels.jpg

We're open to a variety of songs here. Big or small productions. For this playlist it's all about the mood. The songs need to strike deep. We'll test them in the car.

Pop Folk Favourites.jpg

Pop style productions that still have organic elements that draw it back into the folk work. Think guitars and pianos with 808s. We're open to a wide variety here.

Relaxing Instrumental Music.jpg

No lyrics. Straight instrumental productions. More on the simple side. For instance, only piano or guitar with a few simple elements. No big orchestral elements.


Free Submission

1 song submission

  • No guaranteed listen (we try our best)

  • No feedback

  • In other words, we get a ton of these

Regular Submission: $6USD / $7.60CAD

1 song submission

  • Guaranteed listen

  • Guaranteed feedback within 5-15 days

Fast Submission: $13USD / $16.50CAD

Up to 3 song submission

  • Guaranteed listen

  • Guaranteed feedback in 48 hours or 100% money back

Interested in getting more streams and followers?

 Tap into our bigger playlist network.

*See our FAQ if you have any more questions. This is not a paid placement, we only add your song if we think we can promote it. The donation enables us to keep these playlists going..



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"My song Two of Us got placed on two Neon Collective playlists and I've been getting a good amount of daily growth from both of them!"

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"I'm super happy with the plays coming from my Neon Collective playlist placements and their team is extremely responsive and supportive!"


"Neon Collective have been fantastic to work with, their playlists have plenty of engagement and they are super easy to communicate with"


Music Submission

How many streams will I get if my song gets on your playlist?

You will get streams. However, this depends on a few things. Some are in our control. Some are our of our control. The higher up on a playlist usually means you get more streams. We also like to think we're good curators so we hope our listeners won't skip your song but this isn't something we can promise. Look at the question above to see how many streams you could receive for a placement.

On which playlist or marketing channel will you put my music?

This will depend on what's best for the song or artist. Maybe they are good with streams and they'd rather focus our help with online PR or social. However, most of the time, because we're working with small or indie artists, most people are like to focus on their Spotify brand.

Do your playlists have real listeners?

Yes. Real and active listeners. Take a look at the screenshot below. This includes the number of listeners and streams for one song within 28 days on our Energetic Indie Pop playlist.

How can I track streams and listener locations?

Only you will be able to see this in your Spotify for Artists profile. We don't have any visibility into this unless you give us access. Once you're added to a playlist then within 24 hours you will start to see the data come in.


If you don't accept my song will I get my money back?

You will get a 100% refund if you do not hear from us within 48hr. That is our promise to you. However, if we decide not to accept your song within this time frame then there will be no refund. Your payment covers the time and effort it takes for us to listen to your song and see if there's potential for us to help. We're human too, if you feel like you're being treated unfairly just talk to us.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. Everything is SSL secure.

How do I confirm that you have received my submission?

We will notify you by email after you submitted your song to us. If you've submitted with the pro artist or active artist then we guarantee a response within 48hr of your submission. If you sent in a free submission then we will do our best to get back to you.


How can I contact you?

You can contact us at anytime at

What genres do you focus on?

Our focus is to help the independent musician. However, our expertise are in the genre of singer songwriter, indie pop, folk pop, and soft pop. Take a look at our playlists and you'll see what we mean. Please do consider the genre before you submit a song. As much as we respect and like all genres of music we only curate what fits well within our playlists of indie, folk, and pop.

Can we submit more than once to the free option?

Of course you can. We offer the free submission because we know musicians should always be promoting their music. It's ideal to give a boost to your older songs that are still great but haven't seen the light of day. However, let's just say if we were to listen to the entire collection from start to finish of these songs, we'd be older than Dumbledore. If you want us to listen to a large chunk of the song, take a look at the active and pro plan.

Do you accept every song?

We do not accept every song. Unfortunately, that's not possible. We must be picky on who we decide to curate. If we're not picky, we'd have an enormous jumble of songs with no cohesion and our listeners would bounce on us.

How long will you keep my song on your playlist?

We try to keep each song up for a minimum of two weeks. Sometimes, if we love love love it than we will never take it off. On rare occasions we might take it down after a week.



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What We Like In a Submission

It's not possible to work with everyone but here are some things you can do in your submission to stand out.

Give us context about your release. Is it your first release? Your fifth? What are your plans for promoting the release? Are you independent or are you with a label?

Send us your socials and your website.

We want to see artists are engaged and taking their careers seriously.


A lot of the artists we work with are new and yet to be discovered. Consider listening or following our playlists to support them and discover new music.

Music Marketing Blog

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