Getting on Spotify Playlsts

We will help you get your music on Spotify playlists. Whether it be our own Spotify playlists or giving you the resources to do it yourself. We'll help get your music heard.

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Alt Pop

Our biggest and most popular Spotify playlist

Happy Alt Pop

You'll be smiling and swaying while listening to this playlist

Indie Folk Pop

Our in house favourite playlist for up and coming artists

Chill Pop

Pure chill out playlist to give you that break you deserve


Alt Pop

This was the playlist that started it all for us.

We're looking for fresh songs, the more recent the better, however, we do have a couple classics that we keep on.

Have a listen to the playlist first before submitting to see if you think it's a fit.

Indie Folk Pop

We wanted a playlist to curate and promote independent artists. 

We know how hard it is as an indie artist to promote your own music and get it out there so consider this playlist for you.

As always, have a listen first to see if you're a fit.


Happy Alt Pop

Curating for this Spotify playlist is the most fun. Who wouldn't want to listen to happy music all day?

We promote both big and small artists on this playlist. Our number one requirement is that it's happy.

Do you have a happy song you'd like to submit?


Chill Pop

We wait until it's rainy and cold so we can snuggle up by the fire while curating for this playlist.

Not actually, but we are looking for submissions that include soft and chill productions.

Do you think you have a chill out song that you'd like to submit?


Can't Find Your Genre?

Don't worry. We're often adding new playlists so be sure to follow us on Spotify so you can be notified when you can submit a song to us,

We also recommend checking out our free blog resources which include a ton of information on how to get more Spotify followers and how to get on a  Spotify playlist.

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