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How To Get More Spotify Followers

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Getting more Spotify followers can be a pain in the butt sometimes especially if you're just starting out.

At Neon Collective, we know how you feel and that's why we made this post to try and help you skyrocket your Spotify followers in 6 steps.

Remember, submit your music to us at any time as well to get feedback

Step 1 - Pre-Save Links

Pre-save links are a way to get people engaged with your music before it is released and an opportunity for you to increase your Spotify followers.

The point of a pre-save link is to get people to follow you or pre-save your upcoming single before it is out. Therefore, on the day of the release they will see your song in there Spotify account.

Here is an example pre-save link that is available for free if you distribute your music on DistroKid.

There are other paid and free options available for pre-saved links. Some examples are toneden down and

Another added bonus to Spotify pre-save links is you get the email of the person that saves your song. This gives you an opportunity to add them to your email list and follow up with them at a later time.

An email list is a really underrated tool for musicians to grow their audience, take it first hand from this video.

Step 2 - Release Music......As Much As Possible

This is a difficult one to do but it is surely one that we should mention as we've noticed at Neon Collective when our artists release more music their Spotify followers increase.

Not to mention, if you get lucky and get on a Spotify editorial playlist, this will help you increase your Spotify followers tenfold because of the quality and engaged following that Spotify editorial playlists have.

Anyways, how often should you release music?

We found the best frequency to release new music is about 1song every 6 or 9 weeks. However, there is no hard and fast rule around this but we suggest not to release music fewer than 3 weeks and not to wait longer than 12 weeks.

For example, the artist PVRIS has been able to release 4 singles in 2020 so far which is about 1 song every 7 weeks.

This will be tough at the beginning when you are just starting out and don't have a huge amount of songs prepared yet. However, when you start to build your network of producers and co-writers you will be able to quickly and exponentially grow your music catalogue which in turn will help you get more Spotify followers.

Step 3 - Start Your Own Spotify Playlist

Creating your own Spotify playlist is such an underrated tactic to get more Spotify followers. Yes, I know what you're thinking won't that take forever? Sometimes it does take a long time to grow a playlist, however, you can choose popular genres or moods that will give you an opportunity to grow faster than most other playlists.

What exactly does this mean?

Spotify is a search engine just like Google is. So if you take the high volume search keywords then you have an opportunity to rank on these playlists. Keep in mind though that the high-volume keywords will have lots of competition. So you might want to start a playlist that is still popular but maybe not as popular as the biggest ones out there.

How will this get you more Spotify followers?

In the beginning, it won't. But over time it would increase your Spotify followers by the thousands. Think about it, as you begin to grow your Spotify playlists then you will have an opportunity to put your own song on these playlists. Not only getting more Spotify followers by Spotify streams as well. Boom. 💥

Step 4 - Spotify Follow Button

This step to get more Spotify followers is super easy and a no brainer. Plus you can get it done in less than two minutes.

Spotify provides artists and opportunity to share follow buttons on their own websites. Now we don't recommend going and fluttering your website with Spotify follow buttons. However, you should think about putting a Spotify follow button on specific pages where people are visiting.

Here's a helpful video from Spotify themselves:

So what pages should I put the Spotify follow buttons on?

Take a look at the free analytics that your website server provides. You should notice that there are probably only one or two pages that most visitors interact with. They would likely be your Homepage or your Video page so if that's true then you should consider putting a Spotify follow buttons on these pages.

Step 5 - Links, Links, and more Links

Do you think we were done with links yet? We're only getting started. This is another quick one if you're looking to get a quick jump on your Spotify followers.

In this step we want to focus on the follow link that Spotify gives you which is available to copy and paste from your profile.

Use this link as a call to action on all your social media. Or at minimum, have it available on all your social media.

How do you have it on all your social media without seeming spammy?

It really depends on how you showcase the link. But here at Neon Collective what we think is best is to have a router link which is a site that showcases multiple links in which the guest can choose themselves.

And example of this is Link Tree.

Step 6 - Paid Advertising

We wanted to add this tactic however it is a dangerous one because of the economics on how followers versus spend work.

What the heck does that mean?

Normally paid advertising works really well to acquire customers if your CAC (cost to acquire a customer) is less than the LTV (life time value) of a customer. In a really simple example, let's say you spend $5.00 to acquire a Spotify follower but this follower listens to $6.00 in music. Then it would be worth it right?

Technically yes. However, we all know that getting $6.00 in streaming revenue is a ton of streams and since the payout on the stream is so low it is hard to acquire a customer that will outperform the cost to acquire them.

So why are we bringing this up then?

When you're starting out and you have zero followers it can be very difficult to get the ball rolling. So there's an option to spend some money to increase your followers right away very easily and you can do this with paid advertising.

Whether we wouldn't suggest scaling this type of strategy but if you can find a way to make the economics work and please let us know!

Submit your tracks to our playlists today and join our thousands of followers. Let us know in a comment more ways on how to get more Spotify followers too! 🎧


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