Spotify For Artists [Everything You Need To Know]

In this post, we're going to talk about the Spotify for Artists profile. We will cover in detail everything you need to know to get up and running on Spotify and to get your music out to the masses.

So what is Spotify for artists?

Spotify for Artists is a site where you can view and edit information regarding your music. Here are some things below that you can do on the artists page. We will go over each of these four sections in detail throughout the post.

1. Home: New trends in the music industry or get helpful marketing tips on how to get more streams for your music.

2. Music: A breakdown of all your streams and monthly listeners.

3. Audience: Find out who is listening to your music and what city or country they live in.

4. Profile: Quickly be able to edit and view your Spotify profile.

But how do I even get a profile you ask?? Well, let's begin!

Step 1

It's important to know that you cannot get a Spotify for Artist profile until you have your music on Spotify. If you already have some music on Spotify then you can skip this first step and move on to the next step.

Sounds a bit weird right?

It does. However, in order to get your music on Spotify you do not actually use Spotify to upload your music. You use something called a music distributor. For example, someone like DistroKid or TuneCore.

These sites require you to pay to get your music on Spotify. This is normal. There is no music distributor out there that is totally 100% free. On the other hand, each music distributor has their own benefits and how they charge people. For instance, DistroKid charges people at an annual level and you keep 100% of your royalties. CD Baby will charge you less but they keep a percentage of your streaming royalties. Some distributors won't charge you anything at all but they'll ask for a larger chunk of the streaming royalties.

But this post is not about music distributors.

If you're new to music distributors then we recommend checking out this blog post by Ari. It is by far the most comprehensive review on all the music distributors there are on the internet or you can watch this comparison video between Tunecore and DistroKid

So let's say you figured out what music distributor you'd like to go with and your music is uploaded and will be out in a few weeks. First off, congratulations! Secondly, you're ready for step 2.

Step 2

Now we need to go to the Spotify for artists website and claim our artist profile.

Simply type in the same name you chose when you uploaded your music to your music distributor. It is important that it is exactly the same because in this step Spotify will be looking for that exact name.

So, if you put Robert Smith as the artist name on DistroKid or TuneCore then you must type Robert Smith in this field on Spotify. It cannot be Bob Smith.

What happens if you have a very popular name?

This happens more than you think so don't worry there are solutions in place to fix this problem.

Most the time you will be able to see the profile picture of the artist that have the same name as you. Right away you'll be able to see that this isn't you. It's unlikely that another artist with the exact same name is trying to claim his or her profile at the exact same time. So because of this, most people will have a profile picture and therefore you do not need to worry about it.

In some cases, where there are 2 or more "Robert Smith's" without profile pictures and you are not sure which one is you, that's still okay. However, it might take one more day to find the solution.

You'll need to go back to your music distributor and ask for the specific Spotify URI code for the the artist you signed up as. This is a unique code to your artist name. Once you have this code you can go back to the Spotify for artists page and claim your artist profile using this code.

You should now be looking at your shiny and new Spotify for artists profile. Congratulations, you are now a verified artist on Spotify. Over the coming days, you'll get a bright blue checkmark on your public Spotify profile.

Step 3

In this section, we will cover everything you'll need to know inside the Spotify for artists website:

1. Home

2. Music

3. Audience

4. Profile


The home section is a brief overview of your streams over the last few days which includes your top songs. It will also include a list of your biggest playlist that you are on.

One of the cool little features they have on this page is a section where you can see the people listening to your music in real time. This is a really cool feature to see how active your audience is.

This feature can also be a little depressing if it's constantly at zero. Don't be too upset if this number is consistently at zero in the first few months of you making music. This number will grow overtime as you begin to get on some Spotify playlist and start engaging your audience.

The bulk of the real estate on this page are links to different Spotify articles that are made for artists. These articles are made with the artist in mind and are created to help you with your music marketing, songwriting, music production, and navigating the music business in general. Here's an example article.


This page is essentially what it says it is. Music. But only your music.


The first section under songs will include all the music you release to date on Spotify. If your music is not yet live on Spotify it will not shop in the section. It will be in the upcoming section.

You'll be able to see the streams, listeners, and saves for each of your songs. You'll also be able to see the date of the song and when