SubmitHub Alternatives [3 Sites That Work]

Updated: Jun 21

SubmitHub Alternatives [3 Sites That Work]

Music blogs and playlist curators have become the go-to way for artists to get their music heard. Our last post talked about some of the best free submission sites to submit your music to. While the idea of reaching out to blogs for features sounds simple, it can be a long process. Knowing which blogs fit your music and how each curator wants to receive music can become overwhelming. This is where SubmitHub comes into play.

SubmitHub helps artists to get on Spotify playlists, blogs, radio stations, and bridges the gap between influencers, Youtubers, labels and artists. By buying credits, submitters can submit music to varying forms of media outlets in order to get a wider reach. We already did a blog post that talks about everything you need to know. If you are looking for more information on SubmitHub specifically you can check out our post here.

That being said, with everyone using SubmitHub you may be looking for other alternatives. Here at Neon Collective we are going to tell you about three alternative sites that offer similar features to SubmitHub to allow you to get more exposure.


Are you ready to learn something new? Let’s go!

PS. If you'd rather watch a video about it then can check out a video by Charles Cleyn on his experience with submithub and three alternatives he suggests.



About: Groover is a site that was launched in 2018. They connect artists with media, labels, and radio through their platform. They recognized that so much new music is getting released daily, but curators and media get overwhelmed by the high number of submissions which means that artists don’t often receive responses. Groover guarantees feedback with their Grooviz which are their virtual coins (more on this to come). Much like SubmitHub, users can send their music to varying out