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What Is Soundexchange?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

If you are a songwriter, producer, or artist you definitely should think about getting Soundexchange. But what is it?

You may already have heart about Socan, BMI, or ASACP, but if you don’t have Sound exchange yet then you are definitely missing out on some royalties.

Soundexchange caters to non-interactive services such as listening to Sirius Xm Radio, where listeners don’t get to choose the music they would play next. Unlike interactive platforms like Spotify and Apple Music where consumers get to choose or create playlists, skip music and repeat their favourite music. You may be missing out on royalties if your music is being played on these interactive platforms.

This is a breakdown of what soundexchange is and how it works
What Is Soundexhange

However with non-interactive platforms, like radios, you can get royalties if the station plays your music as long as you have Soundexchange.

If you already have a label, they might have already arranged that for you but if you are independent, I recommend that you head over to their website.

This is the page where you would sign up as an artist to soundexchange
Soundexchange SignUp Page

I recommend checking out the "artist and copyright owner" tab, read about and when you're ready, click on the "my accounts" tab. It will redirect you to a log-in page but if you don't have an account yet no worries!

This is where you would sign up as an artist or copyright owner to soundexchange
Soundexchange Artist and Copyright Page

Just click on please join and simply sign up for an account for free. If you need more additional information that might possibly benefit your career go directly to the website and check around to never miss out on the royalties you deserve.

If you are more interested in watching a video of us breaking down what Soundexhange is then you can watch this video below:


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